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Sponsored links / banners appear on the right side of country pages. They link / banner directly to your website and include a 234x60 pixel image.

Your sponsored link will appear within 48 hours from the time you complete your submission. After you have made your payment one of our editors will visit your site and review it for listing. If your site is rejected the fee will be refunded.

  • You must still place a link back to us on your website as mentioned on the main submit page. Banner you can find HERE.
  • If your site is unavailable or you supply incorrect information we will let you know via email and ask you to re-submit at no additional cost.
  • If your site becomes unavailable in the future it will be deleted from the directory.
  • If your site's content changes drastically making it unfit, or unrelated to the directory it will be deleted from the directory.
  • Your site must always have a link back to EscortDirectory.TV Banner you can find HERE
  • We may edit or modify any names or descriptions you submit in any way we deem necessary.

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